Charak Ayu Guggul


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In Ayurveda, GUGGUL is considered ‘tridoshic’ (balancing to all three doshas in the body). Cardioprotective: it prevents narrowing of blood vessels and reduces plaque deposit ition in the arteries. Hypolipidemic: it reduces serum lipid levels and blood fats called triglycerides to raise good cholesterol (HDL) in people with high cholesterol. Antiobesity: it helps in burning fat and reduces complications of obesity it further prevents heart diseases in offices people by lowering cholesterol and other lipids. High blood pressure: it is used for lowering the blood pressure associated high lipid level in the blood. Anti-inflammatory: it reduces inflammation swelling redness joint stiffness and improves joint movement. Antioxidant: It scavenges free radicals and ageing.

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